Police and soldiers killed some innocent traders in ariaria market in aba abia state
In their attempt to apprehend some people in the market in order to extort money from them the police and soldiers started shooting indiscriminately into the crowd of men and women in the market thereby killing innocent people in the market and injuring lots of people

This led to demonstration by ariaria traders. But the police called in soldiers and other police men from other barracks. These men came to the place and started shooting at people and asking them to close their shops.

The soldiers also went into town harassing and shooting innocent people. A trader that came in with his goods from onitsha was also murdered in cold blood by the rampaging soldiers and police men.

These are not the kind of people that sophisticated guns should be given to since they turn these same guns on innocent citizens they are meant to protect. These cowards can not stand and fight small bandits like boko haram but they are always ready to use their guns on innocent market men and women.

The nigerian army and police are worse than the criminals they are meant to go after. They commit all sorts of atrocities on the citizens they are meant to protect ranging from: rape, robbery, blackmail, extortion, human organ traffic, terrorism, assassination, etc.

The world should come and save the citizens of this country from hands of these murderers. This country is under siege not just from bokoharam but also from soldiers and police men.