The mail came in two parts.
The first is an SOS alert that the victim was in Hospital unconscious.Chinedu Uzor lost the battle and died this Morning.
His head was blown open with his brain tissue spilling out..
Please read what happened but please brace yourself for the next pic…
”Hello Stella, something really terrible just happened to one of my tenants, He was driving back home and he saw some guys dressed in mufti flagging him to stop, for fear that might be robbers, he sped off hoping to get to a legal checking ‎point for safety. Only to see a checking point ahead, on getting there, he put off his car engine, and surrendered himself whilst explaining himself, the other team of police came there, met him and shot him on his head and arm at close range, as I speak to you, he is unconscious and on oxygen at Specialist Hospital Abakaliki.
For Goodness sake, why should they shoot at someone who was unarmed and raised his hands. This same man had a similar experience last two December where some guys stopped him and he stopped and they shot at him, luckily for him he survived that by God’s Grace and now this. I really won’t want this case swept under the carpet, The Nigerian Police has done more harm than good to its Citizens.
Attached Here are pictures of the man, his name is Chinedu Uzor‎. He died early this morning and the policemen are desperately trying to cover up their tracks and even trying to track down the witness who has gone into hiding”.