53 dead bodies of people extra judiciary killed by police dumped in UNTH enugu

The relevant authorities should investigate the source of the mystery corpses
The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) recently raised alarm that it has discovered 53 bodies suspected to have been extra-judicially killed by the police. The bodies were dumped in the mortuary of the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Ituku- Ozzalla, in Enugu State. The bodies were discovered in the course of investigations into the alleged extra-judicial killing of one Chukwuma Ihezie by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of Enugu State Police Command.
The NHRC reports that the bodies were discovered in the same mortuary where Ihezie’s corpse was deposited, and were all marked with red ink. The commission said it suspected that, like Ihezie, the 52 other bodies may have been those of persons killed extra-judicially by personnel of the state SARS.The commission has asked the State Chief Judge toorder a coroners inquest into the cause of Ihezies death, and to investigate the circumstances surrounding the dumping of the bodies.
Extra-judicial executions violate Section 33 of the Nigerian Constitution, Article 4 of the African Charter on Human and PeoplesRights, as well asArticle 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The NCHR Executive Secretary, Professor Ben Angwe has reportedly deployed officials of the commission to assist in the investigations.
The Enugu State Police Command has stoutly denied the allegations by NHRC. The Commands spokesman, Ebere Amaraizu, picked holes in the claim that the police dumped the corpses when, according to him, such information should be in the record books of the mortuary attendants. He advised the commission to be sure of their facts before jumping to conclusions. The police spokesman raised a valid poser: who brought the corpses to the mortuary?
This discovery of 53 corpses, all marked in red ink, is to say the least, very disturbing but this is not the first time such would occur. Three years ago, in neighbouring Anambra State,25 bloated corpses were discovered on the Ezu River, a few kilometres from Awka, the state capital. According to reports, autopsy reports on the bodies showed that they may have been extra-judicially executed. Till date, no person or persons have been held liable for the 25 corpses whose identities are still shrouded in mystery.
Allegations of extra-judicial killings have always swarmed around men and officers of Nigeria Police. The death in Kano of a leading professor of agriculture in Africa, Ahmed Falaki, allegedly by the police is still a matter of controversy. Several examples abound of suspects dying in police custody, and of police personnelkilling innocent persons at the slightest provocation.
That NHRC, like the police, is an agency of government underscores theweight of the recent allegations which question the value we place on human life in our country. More saddening is the fact that it coincided with a damning report by Amnesty International accusing Nigerian soldiers of extra-judicial killings. But this is a matter that can easily be resolved with the cooperation of the UNTH authorities.
Yet, it is disturbing that the hospital, which holds the key to unlocking this seeming mystery, has maintained an eerie silence. We believe that the teaching hospital of such a first generation university should have trained mortuary attendants who document bodies before taking them in for preservation. Rather than resort to blame games, the hospitals record books should be able to tell who brought the copses, and the cause of death. The hospital management should work with the police and NHRC to solve the riddle of the 53 corpses. The investigation should not be allowed to go the way of the others. The‘mystery’of the 53 corpses must be resolved.


SARS men dressed our son like armed robber, placed gun on him – Family of murdered youth

Eight days after the killing of a 33-year-old man, Orimisan Omoboye, in Ilaje area of Ajah Lagos, during a botched operation by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Lagos, the family said their greatest fear has come true.
The SARS operatives, who mistakenly shot dead the young man during their operation in the area, have labelled him an armed robber.
It would be recalled that when our correspondent spoke with the victim’s 65-year-old mother, Mama Espa Omoboye, on Monday, July 20, 2015 – the day of the incident, she expressed fear that her son might be labelled an armed robber who was shot while trying to escape because the men refused to hand over his corpse after the incident.
Mama Espa said as her son laid lifeless on the ground, she begged the SARS operatives to leave his body for her, while other youths who had gathered also demanded that the operatives leave the body.
“They killed my son unjustly and took his body away again as if it was some kind of animal killed while hunting. God would judge them if they go and label him a robber,” the woman said at the time.
But fast forward to July 28, 2015, the family said they visited the SARS headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos, only to be shown a photograph of the body of the victim and was told that he was an armed robber killed in a shootout with SARS operatives.
One of the deceased’s relations, who was at the SARS office said that a red cloth with fetish objects attached to it had been tied on the deceased body.
“When his body was taken away forcibly at Ajah, he had nothing like that on him. There were many Ajah youths around at the time, no gun was found on him. But in the photo they showed us, they had placed two guns on his body,” the relation, Mr. Kehinde Emmanuel said.
Orimisan was sleeping in his small one room apartment when he was roused from bed by the sound of gunshots. He reportedly dashed out of his room and was gunned down by SARS operatives who were purportedly in the community on the trail or armed robbers.
Residents said the operatives shot at him simply because he was running at the sound of gunshot.
Orimisan was married and had two children.
It was learnt that since the day of the incident, Orimisan’s wife had not stopped sobbing.
“It got so bad that her family had to relocate her to Ondo State because she refused to eat or talk to anybody. The problem now is how to take care of the children that the SARS operatives have made fatherless,” Emmanuel said.
The Civil Rights Liberty Organisation has taken up the case on behalf of the family, petitioning the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni.
“SARS men who were armed to the teeth drove in in a Gestapo manner and invaded the area. In an unprovoked attack, they started shooting sporadically in the air. By the time the episode ended, the deceased was lying in a pool of his blood,” the group said in its petition.
The organisation said the attack was unprovoked and unjustified, calling on the Lagos State Police Command, to conduct an immediate and proper investigation into the case to ensure justice is done for the family.
In another petition sent to the Office of the Public Defender of the Lagos State Ministry of Justice, the family vented their anger.
“The SARS operatives like every other men of the Nigeria Police are fully aware that it is better for a suspect to escape than for one innocent citizen to be killed due to the misconduct of people who swore to protect lives and property,” the petition reads.
The family has also called on the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Solomon Arase, to prevail on the Lagos command to ensure that the SARS men responsible for the botched operation in which Orimisan died, is fished out and thoroughly investigated.
The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, DSP Patricia Amadin, said even though she had not taken over as spokesperson in the command at the time of the operation, she would get details of the case and get back to our report. She had yet to do so as of the time this paper went to bed.

soldiers and police kill people in cold blood in ariaria market aba abia state

Police and soldiers killed some innocent traders in ariaria market in aba abia state
In their attempt to apprehend some people in the market in order to extort money from them the police and soldiers started shooting indiscriminately into the crowd of men and women in the market thereby killing innocent people in the market and injuring lots of people

This led to demonstration by ariaria traders. But the police called in soldiers and other police men from other barracks. These men came to the place and started shooting at people and asking them to close their shops.

The soldiers also went into town harassing and shooting innocent people. A trader that came in with his goods from onitsha was also murdered in cold blood by the rampaging soldiers and police men.

These are not the kind of people that sophisticated guns should be given to since they turn these same guns on innocent citizens they are meant to protect. These cowards can not stand and fight small bandits like boko haram but they are always ready to use their guns on innocent market men and women.

The nigerian army and police are worse than the criminals they are meant to go after. They commit all sorts of atrocities on the citizens they are meant to protect ranging from: rape, robbery, blackmail, extortion, human organ traffic, terrorism, assassination, etc.

The world should come and save the citizens of this country from hands of these murderers. This country is under siege not just from bokoharam but also from soldiers and police men.

NDA Cadets Harassing Civilians

The cadets are first year Nigerian Defence Academy students. The pictures were posted by one of them who owns and operates the twitter page twitter.com/thendakaduna
Is this the type of animals the NDA is
breeding? The last time, some army generals were complaining that NDA had been churning out half-baked/unbaked officers that were synonyms of incompetence and cluelessness when on the field.
The so called cadets can be seen punishing people, causing traffic jams and sitting on people’s vehicles.

Police officer allegedly shoots roadside Mechanic in Kogi

A police officer from the Okene division in Kogi state allegedly shot a man on his way to his motor mechanics workshop in the early hours oftoday Monday July 27th. According to eye-witnesses, the victim was on his way to work when thepoliceman called him but he refused to stop. The policeman allegedly then fired three shots at him, hitting in the leg and other parts. The police officer later said the mechanic had attempted to take his rifle from him but witnesses said this wasn’t true as the man was a little far from the police when he was shot.
The victim (pictured above) is reportedly in critical condition at the Specialist Hospital in Lokoja.

Policemen brutalise eight-month pregnant woman

Three policemen attached to the Satellite Police Division in Lagos on Sunday night allegedly brutalised a pregnant woman, Chika Elekwachi.
The operatives allegedly stripped the woman naked after accusing her of resisting arrest. She was eight months pregnant.
The victim has since been delivered of a premature baby.
But the police authorities said the operatives that carried out the assault have been nabbed and are in detention.
She was allegedly assaulted before she was dragged to the police station. Her family members later rushed her to Safe Hands Hospital, Old Ojo Road, Amuwo, Lagos, after she allegedly passed out at the station.
Chika told the reporters on her hospital bed that about 8pm on Sunday, she left two of her kids at home and was heading to a shop at Agboju, in Oriade Local Council Development Area (LCDA) to buy things for the house.
“I suddenly noticed a bus coming behind me. The bus obstructed me and one of the occupants came out, pointed a gun at me and shouted that I should park. He threatened to shoot if I didn’t park.
“When I discovered that they were policemen, I tried to explain to them that I wanted to park my car, so that I could enter the shop. This incident happened at Pako Bus Stop along Ojo Road where there were so many tankers and lorries parked indiscriminately.
“I begged the one that was putting on a black T-shirt to allow me to go, as I was pregnant. Then the next thing was, he called me a prostitute. I was angry and reminded him that I am a married woman with two kids. I warned him not to call me a prostitute again. But the policeman dragged me down from the car, even as passers-by and my friend were begging him to let me go.
“While I was screaming for help, saying, ‘I am not a thief,’ they tore my trousers. I was not putting on any underwear, so they stripped me naked. They were dragging me, saying I must enter their vehicle, but I refused. They dragged me on the road, but I insisted that I would go with them in my car. In the process, my legs and my stomach were bruised,” she said.
She said she was eventually bundled into the police vehicle and taken to the station, even in her virtually naked state.
“On getting to the police station, I pleaded with them to allow me get a cloth from the shop. I was begging them so that I could meet any woman nearby to give me a wrapper because I was naked. People around were asking me what happened, and I replied that the policemen did that to me, even though I’m not a thief. Because, with the way I was treated, one could mistake me for a thief. I had to bite one of the policemen on the back.
“I then entered one provision store near the station where I met a woman who gave me this gown. My phone was in my vehicle and I told the police officers that they should allow me call my people to inform them that I was at the station, but they refused. They said I must be put in the cell. I was running around, trying to get a phone, but no one would give me their phone because they thought I was a mad woman. They were just looking at me. I then saw a young girl, and I spoke to her in Igbo, telling her I was not a thief. She was the one that gave me her phone and I called my sister, because her number was the one I could easily recall. I told her what was happening, so she came with her husband that night and met me at the police station. They were asking me what happened, but her husband said we had to find those who assaulted me. So, we went into the police station and met the Divisional Crime Officer (DCO). He told us to explain what happened, but as I was talking, I felt dizzy and passed out,” she said.
Her sister, Favour Ifebuzor, explained that she rushed down to the police station as soon as she got the distress call from her sister.
“When my husband and I arrived at the scene, I saw my younger sister sitting on a pavement, looking weak. So we took her into the station to find out what happened. My sister told me that she was feeling weak and dizzy, but the policemen rudely told her to stand up and explain what happened. As she tried to explain, the man at the counter was saying, “why don’t you have respect for an officer in uniform? Why did you slap a policeman?” My sister said it was when the policeman forcefully held her cloth and dragged her that she did that, because it’s lawful for one to defend oneself from danger. So, as they were forcefully quizzing her, I told the policeman that she was weak and could slump.
“My sister was also whispering to me that she was feeling weak. So she fell on the ground. And she was crying, saying “O my baby, my baby.” Then she started foaming in the mouth. The policemen there were saying, “she is pretending. Let her stay there, she is not serious.” They were just watching, including the DCO. My husband was saying, “You people have killed someone’s wife and mother. Take her. She is your responsibility.” My husband was dragging me so that we could go, but I told him to have patience. I said, let me get some water, because my sister was dying. I went to one shop and bought a sachet of water, came back and started pouring it on my sister’s head and body, but she was not responding. Instead, her tongue was coming out, foaming.
“I was so scared because her stomach protruded straight and her body was getting cold. I had to beg one man to help me look for a vehicle. When he got the vehicle, I told the policemen to help me put her in the vehicle, but they were just looking at me. I was confused. The driver of the vehicle and the man that went to get him were the ones that helped me put her in the car. The biscuits I bought for my children and my phone, I didn’t even know where I kept them. It was when they put her in the vehicle that I remembered that my phone was on the counter at the station, and I went to the counter and picked my phone.
“I then told the policemen that I was taking her to the hospital, and that if anything happened to her, I would hold them responsible. The vehicle had already left. They took her to Safe Hands Hospital, and my husband and I walked to the hospital. When we got here, the doctor told us she was going into labour, and that we needed to move her to the General Hospital. I was confused. Then I called my sister who also came with her husband. But we heard the policeman who had come there telling the doctor that she was okay. The policeman told the doctor: “She’s okay now. You will write everything that she is okay, and that nobody beat her.” So the doctor certified her okay, and that she was not in labour again, that he had put everything in order. But this morning, she went into labour again,” Favour told the reporters.
At the hospital, the doctor on duty, Okoawo Innocent, who spoke on behalf of the management, admitted that Chika was rushed into the hospital half conscious. He said all necessary tests were carried out, noting that the tests showed that the baby was intact. He, however, said that the victim would be kept under observation.
But the doctor’s assertion was proved wrong, as Chika soon started bleeding. To save her life and that of the baby, she was wheeled into the theatre where the baby was forced out of her. The baby, it was gathered, is alive but in an incubator.
Confirming the incident, Lagos State Police Command spokesman, Kenneth Nwosu, a deputy superintendent of police (DSP), assured that investigation was ongoing to ascertain what actually transpired. He said the suspected policemen had been arrested and were in detention, adding that they would be prosecuted according to the law guiding the force.

Trigger Happy Policeman Shoots Dead Taxi Driver, Sick Passenger in Kano

A trigger happy police corporal, attached to Yankaba Division, Kano, yesterday, shot dead a taxi driver conveying a sick female passenger, who also died in the incident, to hospital.
According to an eyewitness, Isa Tanko, who spoke to Sunday Vanguard, the killings occurred around 9.30am between Hadejia Road roundabout and Haye quarters of Nassarawa local government area.
“The cab driver was flagged down at a security check point by officers of the Nigeria Police and, within two minutes, I heard gunshots that sent shivers down the spines of onlookers “, Tanko said.
“We rushed to the scene and found the driver in a pool of his blood; so also was a
woman gasping for breathe inside the cab who gave up the ghost before help could come her way.”The eyewitness disclosed that the incident triggered pandemonium as a crowd gathered to mob the suspected officer who escaped in a police waiting van. Efforts to confirm the incident from Kano State Police Image Maker, ASP Magaji Musa Majia, proved abortive as he failed to respond

Nigerian Police In Abakiliki Kill Unarmed Nigerian Man

The mail came in two parts.
The first is an SOS alert that the victim was in Hospital unconscious.Chinedu Uzor lost the battle and died this Morning.
His head was blown open with his brain tissue spilling out..
Please read what happened but please brace yourself for the next pic…
”Hello Stella, something really terrible just happened to one of my tenants, He was driving back home and he saw some guys dressed in mufti flagging him to stop, for fear that might be robbers, he sped off hoping to get to a legal checking ‎point for safety. Only to see a checking point ahead, on getting there, he put off his car engine, and surrendered himself whilst explaining himself, the other team of police came there, met him and shot him on his head and arm at close range, as I speak to you, he is unconscious and on oxygen at Specialist Hospital Abakaliki.
For Goodness sake, why should they shoot at someone who was unarmed and raised his hands. This same man had a similar experience last two December where some guys stopped him and he stopped and they shot at him, luckily for him he survived that by God’s Grace and now this. I really won’t want this case swept under the carpet, The Nigerian Police has done more harm than good to its Citizens.
Attached Here are pictures of the man, his name is Chinedu Uzor‎. He died early this morning and the policemen are desperately trying to cover up their tracks and even trying to track down the witness who has gone into hiding”.

Naval officers allegedly brutalize 15 oil workers in Aba

SOME officers of the Naval School of Finance and Logistics, Owerri-Nta, Abia State have allegedly forced 15 workers of an oil company in the commercial city to lie in mud water and drink it.
One of the victims, Opara, an engineer with the oil company, Stock Gap Fuels Limited, which is building a mega petrol station/gas plant on Elizabeth Avenue by Aba-Owerri Road, GRA, Aba told Vanguard that on Tuesday morning, they came to work on the site. He said at about 2.00pm, he left for the bank to withdraw money, with which to pay the people who supplied them sand.
“It was while at the bank that I got a phone call that about 12 Naval men were maltreating workers at the site. So, I quickly left the bank and when I got to the site, I saw 16 of my workers, including our secretary, a female inside the mud and the Naval officers were stepping on them and ordering them to drink the mud water.
“So, when I tried to approach the commanding officer, who was at the site giving orders to his men, he told his suborbinates not to allow me get close to him and based on the instruction, his boys chased me away and I had to call my office in Port Harcourt.”
The engineer disclosed that he stood from afar and watched as the commanding officer ordered his men who used their bayonets to puncture the 40 tyres of tipper trucks supplying them sand.
Narrating her ordeal, the company secretary and store keeper, Juliet Enwereji said that during her lunch time , she heard the Naval men who incidentally share the same fence with the company, ordering workers at the site to go outside.
Enwereji said immediately she came out of the office, a naval officer pointed a gun at her and the commanding officer ordered her to lie down in the mud water.
Other workers who spoke to Vanguard said this was not the first time the Naval officer, who had previously shown disdain for the structure being erected near his house, would be maltreating them.
According to them, “there was a time he came and reported to the site engineer that he would not want a higher structure within the vicinity of his quarters.We didn’t know the reason. Some three weeks back, a pay-loader came to the site and as it was driving out, the commanding officer called his men to beat up the pay-loader driver and took him inside his compound and detained him.”
Efforts to get the commanding officer, Navy Capt. Ejaro, to react to the allegations proved futile as Naval ratings at the gate of his quarters on Elizabeth Avenue, GRA, Aba, refused to allow our correspondent access to his residence.